Why Us

Our pupils are taught from an early age to improve their confidence and knowledge while learning subject content, language skills, and skills associated with critical thinking , reasoning and debating. This is conducted via our accessible worldwide AI online teaching platform.

Our Solutions

Engage students, Teach your way, Go by the numbers

Engage students

CEA provides learners with the chance to put their STEM skills to use through activities and challenges that are exciting and relevant to real life.

Teach your way

CEA is designed to support teachers and parents in delivering lessons in a flexible manner.

Go by the numbers

CEA provides in-depth reporting that helps you see the progress of classes and individual students, helping you to assess students' current progress and plan for future challenges.

CEA AI Learning Platform

Suitable for school-age children aged 4-14, teachers teaching at school and home learning students.
CEA AI Learning Platform
CEA Scientific Assessment

CEA Scientific Assessment

Keep track of your students' progress with CEA's data-driven reports. View the strengths and weaknesses of your whole class, by group or individual student, providing the insights you need as a teacher to personalise learning goals and communicate learners' progress to other educators and parents.

CEA makes it easy for you to assign meaningful STEM activities to individual classes, groups, or learners. With data-driven reports and targeted task assessments, we help you to deliver the right level of challenge to help your students improve and experience success.

About Us

CEA is a multinational education and information technology consultation company, specialising in primary online education and secondary e-learning related consultation, services, and products. These include smart learning modelling technologies, online app building, cloud computing and education platform software development.